01 Sep 2022


  • Sean expects lithium demand to increase over the coming decades
  • Manganese will be playing a major role in the coming global energy transition


0:12 – How long have you been a CEO?

0:21 – What did you do before this?

0:29 – Can you describe MetalsGrove’s overall mission?

0:47 – What makes MetalsGrove stand out from its competitors?

0:57 – Why has Metalsgrove chosen to focus on critical metals?

1:09 – Can you explain Metalsgrove’s two flagship projects?

1:51 – Tell us about your Woodie Woodie North Manganese Project in WA?

2:10 – What are the advantages of having your key assets in WA and the NT?

2:37 – What do you see as the main drivers of lithium demand in the short to medium term?

3:01 – Do you expect market interest in manganese to strengthen?

3:28 – Do you think current macro trends have stalled battery uptake?

3:50 – What are the near-term exploration plans for MetalsGrove?

4:24 – How does location aid your projects’ development?

4:51 – What should investors be looking out for as your exploration activity ramps up?

5:04 – How quickly could MetalsGrove advance towards production?