• Date: 2021
  • Address: Pilbara, WA, Australia

Woodie Woodie North (E 45/5945), WA

Exciting manganese opportunity adjacent to well known manganese mines in the Pilbara

The Woodie Woodie North Manganese Project covers an area of approximately 13,740 ha and comprises a single Exploration Licence. This Project is situated in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Project is located approximately 250 km west-northwest from Port Hedland and 270 km southwest of Newman. The Project can be accessed via the all-weather Ripon Hills Road that ensures continued site access.

tenement location with drilling target map

Exploration and Mineralisation

US Steel International Inc held the project area ground in the late-1960s while exploring for copper and nickel in the region. Work consisted of rock, stream, and soil sampling, and EM and magnetic geophysical surveys.

Longreach Metals NL’s subsidiary, Longreach Manganese Pty Ltd, explored in the 1970’s for iron and manganese in this project area. Work consisted geological mapping, and aerial photography.

Between 2008–2011, Jupiter Mines Limited conducted exploration for manganese in the project area. Work consisted of a limited heliborne VTEM survey covering the far northern portion of the project tenement and Landsat imagery interpretation.

Between 2011–14, Consolidated Minerals Limited’s subsidiary, Pilbara Manganese Pty Ltd, explored for Mn, with work consisting of geological mapping and rock chip sampling.

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) explored for manganese from 2018 to 2021. Work consisted of geological mapping and rock chip sampling.

Manganese mineralisation at Woodie Woodie, the major manganese deposit in the region, is related to northwest–southeast directed extension and basin formation during the Mesoproterozoic. The typically high Mn:Fe ratios and enrichment in elements such as Pb, As, Cu, Mo, Zn are consistent with a dominantly hydrothermal origin for the manganese at Woodie Woodie.

Supergene manganese is distinguished from hypogene manganese by a marked enrichment in REE in the supergene manganese. An early structural framework, established during Neoarchean rifting, provides a major structural control on manganese ore distribution.

ripon hills tenement map