13 Jun 2022

Creating A Positive Difference Through Metals & Mining

As the world shifts its focus on utilizing eco-friendly materials and sources of energy, MetalsGrove focuses on green metal exploration and development to meet the growing demand from the battery storage and renewable energy markets in the transition to a decarbonized world. There is an ever-increasing demand for environmentally and commercially sustainable development and a supply of materials that feed into these industries that subsequently flow onto all facets of our society both at a domestic and industry level.

MetalsGrove has a strong portfolio in lithium, tin, tantalum, manganese, copper, gold, zinc, lead, gold-copper, green metals, and base metal exploration projects that have the potential to augment the global demand for metals required to achieve a low emission future. The projects are all based in the Tier One jurisdiction of Australia and located in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Led by a proven board, management and advisory team driven by ESG principles, the launch of MetalsGrove coincides with an exciting shift in the demand profile for lithium, manganese, rare earth elements (REE) and copper.

These products aim to be sustainable as we operate with transparency and accountability and reduce the environmental impact caused by daily social, economic, environmental, and cultural activities in Australia and worldwide.