19 Sep 2022

Metalsgrove Mining Ltd (MGA) – Company Deep Dive

MetalsGrove Mining Limited (ASX: MGA) is an Australian-based exploration and development company, focused on the exploration and development of its portfolio of high-quality lithium, rare earth, copper-gold, manganese and base metal projects in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. MGA is committed to green metal exploration and development to meet the growing demand from the battery storage and renewable energy markets in the transition to a decarbonised world.


Portfolio of quality assets located in Western Australia and Northern Territory

Led by proven board, management and advisory team driven by ESG fundamentals

MetalsGrove has acquired 100% of the shares of Territory Lithium Pty Ltd

Working on green metals project linked to growing demand for battery and renewable energy

All projects have close proximity to ports and world-class mining infrastructure

Board and Management

Richard Beazley


Founder and Director of both Altair Mining Consultancy and Hydrogen Energy Pty Ltd and the Interim CEO and Managing Director for Troy Resources (ASX-TRY). Mr Beazley is an experienced mining engineer with 35 years of experience with a strong corporate, operational and technical background in the resources industry. Throughout his career he has worked on projects throughout Australia, Africa and South America.

Sean Sivasamy


Mr Sivasamy is a mining professional with more than 25 years of global experience. He has held Senior Management roles within large, medium and junior Mining companies in Australia, Africa, India and South East Asia. He is the Founder, Director and CEO of MetalsGrove Mining Limited.

Haidong Chi


Mr Chi is one of the very early Co-founders of Kimberley Metals Group and KMG Mining Pty Ltd. Mr Chi has been the Managing Director of the company’s business operations, liaising with key relevant stakeholders, driving strategic company growth, and responsible for the overall performance of the business for more than 10 years.

ms rebecca broughton

Rebecca Broughton


Ms Rebecca Broughton is a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years experience in both public practice and commerce, with significant focus in the resources sector.


upper coondina mining map

Lithium and Tin

Upper Coondina

  • Location: located 85km south-west of Marble Bar in the East Pilbara district.
  • Size: Approximately 6,365 ha (E45/5952).
  • Interest: 100%.
  • CSR identified simple pegmatite veins as the sources of the tin.
  • Potential to establish economic long-term producing assets.
  • High quality lithium, tin and tantalum project in highly prospective regions in Western Australia (Pilbara lithium mineral field).
  • Well connected to mining infrastructure.

Rare Earth, Gold, Copper and Base Metals

Artuna Projects- Box Hole, Bruce and Edward Creek

  • Projects: Box Hole, Bruce, and Edward Creek Projects are located in Northern Territory.
  • Location: 110km north of Alice Springs.
  • Size: Approximately 320km 2 (EL32420, EL31225 and EL32419).
  • Interest: 100%.
  • Access: Via Stuart and Plenty Highways.
  • Drill ready walk-up drilling targets.
  • Well connected to existing mining infrastructure
  • Historical presence of Cu-Au, base metal and historical pegmatite workings have been demonstrated in the area


Woodie Woodie North-Manganese

  • Location: Situated in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia approximately 400km south of Port Hedland and 95km east of Marble Bar.
  • Size: Approximately 14,400 ha (E45/5945).
  • Interest: 100%.
  • Access: All-weather Ripon Hills Road that ensures continued site access.
  • Manganese is a critical ingredient in steel production and Electric Vehicle (EV) engineering.
  • Drill ready walk-up drilling targets.
  • Surface sampling has returned a number of highly anomalous manganese and cobalt assays (up to 52% Mn and 540ppm Co).


Historical Milestones

MGA has acquired 100% of Territory Lithium Ltd.

Agreement with Oremin Consultants Pty Ltd. to acquire WA Projects

Heritage Agreements executed with Nyamal Aboriginal Corporation NTBC (Woodie Woodie)

Duplicate agreement executed with Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation (Upper Coondina)

Future Milestones

News & Media



ASX Announcements

Shareholder Services




Company Deep Dive Courtesy of Market Index

09 Aug 2022

MetalsGrove jumps 30% on soil program start at flagship WA lithium project


Key Points

  • MetalsGrove kicks off aggressive exploration campaign at flagship Upper Coondina lithium project
  • 2,500 surfaces soil samples to be logged ahead of airborne survey; maiden drill run later this year
  • News has pushed MetalsGrove up 30% to 13c

MetalsGrove (ASX:MGA) has officially kicked off its Upper Coondina lithium project in the Pilbara, WA, with a 2,500 sample surface sample program. 

Surface samples are to precede an airborne magnetic survey to progress once samples are logged and collected, which in turn will be followed by the first drill rig to sink a hole on-site before 2023. 

Shareholders are likely enjoying the news, with MetalsGrove’s shares jumping up to 13c on the news; an increase of 30% staying strong in the last hour of trade. 

MetalsGrove first listed on the ASX just last month in early July after its IPO raised $6.4m at 20c; the company listed at 14.5c.

A rise back to 13c based on nothing more than the commencement of a soil program demonstrates the health of market interest in the battery metals explorer. 

Despite forecasts lithium prices may come down off bullish highs in the near future from players such as Goldman Sachs, the Australian bourse continues to demonstrate its enthusiasm for lithium stocks. 

Surface samples to investigate untested magnetic target 

The 2,500 samples collected over the coming weeks will be largely taken from earth on top of a large untested magnetic anomaly identified in earlier airborne studies. 

That anomaly is located in the western segment of the company’s permit boundaries, northwest of the Coondina NW target (which straddles the southern border of the acreage.) 

Across the entire Upper Coondina play, no serious lithium exploration has been carried out in the area. Prior surface sampling has returned a number of highly anomalous lithium assays. 

Those assays were broken down into parts per million (ppm) reads, which likely on their own would not cause too much interest. But the consistent evidence of lithium mineralisation on site at surface suggests shallow deposits of thick mineralisation may occur in the area.


Article Courtesy of Market Index

10 Jun 2022

New IPO MetalsGrove looking to fuel the energy transition with lithium, rare earths and base metals assets


The energy transition has emerged as the dominant theme for investors in the mining industry, with metals used in electric vehicles, battery storage and renewable energy staring at years – if not decades – of rising demand from global decarbonisation.

That generational shift in the purpose and demand profile for commodities previously sold into niche markets has created an ocean of opportunity for emerging junior explorers.

It is a real case of all hands to the pump, with customers desperate to secure new sources of lithium, rare earths and base metals to satisfy the growth of the new energy industry.

A perfect time, then, for the arrival of a new IPO with exposure across the breadth of the battery metals spectrum.

MetalsGrove Mining (ASX: MGA) is seeking $5 million and up to $7 million in an ASX float this month.

Led by managing director and CEO Sean Sivasamy, an experienced geologist who has been a director of Tambourah Metals and Pilgangoora Minerals, MetalsGrove will bring an Australian explorer with interests in lithium, tin, rare earths, manganese and base metals to the public market.

Tier 1 lithium the target

MetalsGrove has a unique collection of projects covering a host of different metals expected to benefit from the energy transition.

Importantly, a lithium project is front and centre.

The commodity is currently trading at near record prices in excess of US$70,000/t for downstream chemicals and US$6000/t for spodumene concentrate, the material shipped to China at massive profit margins right now by WA miners.

MetalsGrove’s flagship asset is the Upper Coondina lithium, tin and tantalum project.

The 6,365 hectare exploration licence is located 85 km west of Marble Bar, within a short drive of the $10 billion capped Pilbara Minerals’ massive Pilgangoora lithium mine and Mineral Resources and Albemarle’s Wodgina pegmatite in the Tier-1 Pilbara lithium province.

Significantly, like many of the world’s largest lithium bearing pegmatites such as the world class Greenbushes mine in WA’s south-west, Upper Coondina has already been a historic tin producer.

Its Shaw tin field has previously produced 6500t of tin concentrate, while surface sampling has returned anomalous assays for lithium of up to 256 ppm.

A fine trio

Of similar standing is a triumvirate of rare earths, gold-copper and base metals projects at Bruce, Box Hole and Edwards Creek in the Arunta mineral field of central Australia.

At Bruce, geological mapping has confirmed the potential for pegmatite-hosted neodymium and praseodymium mineralisation, the key components in the high-performance NdFeB magnets used in EVs and wind turbines and one of the most important rare earth markets.

Rare earth anomalism associated with copper-gold and base metal mineralisation has been recently shown at the nearby Arunta project held by Norwest Minerals and WA1 Resources.

Those other elements are definitely targets at Bruce as well, with rock chip sampling by the Northern Territory Geological Survey assaying 53 g/t gold and 1.7% copper.

Recent sampling located on the near surface quartz vein assayed values up to 15.26 g/t and 7.24 g/t gold, with mineralisation 1-2 m wide and extending over 600 m for a total strike length of 2.1 km.

Covering 127 km2, 250 km north-east of Alice Springs, Box Hole is also considered prospective for rare earths and carbonate hosted lead-zinc mineralisation, with a string of historic drill results and historic zinc and lead workings at King’s where 15t was once mined at a grade of 66% zinc.

Results in shallow RAB drilling by Intercept Minerals from 2007-2013 recorded hits like 13 m at 2.7% zinc and 0.7% lead with at least one single metre intercept grading 14.7% zinc.

Meanwhile, historic drilling at Edwards Creek from the 1980s returned significant copper grades 4.5 m @ 2.25% Cu, 0.11% Pb, 1.54% Zn, 0.14 g/t Au from 47 m and 18.6 m @ 0.22% Cu, 0.17% Pb, 0.49% Zn, 0.14 g/t Au from 44.3 m, with several new copper occurrences uncovered in recent exploration.

And manganese to boot 

The final project in the MetalsGrove portfolio is the Woodie Woodie North project, located near one of Australia’s largest and highest-grade manganese mines.

Woodie Woodie North is an exploration tenement surrounding ConsMin’s Woodie Woodie mine in the Pilbara with areas of manganese outcrop and historical workings.

A heap of surface geochemistry has been undertaken on the project area, with surface sampling returning numerous anomalous manganese and cobalt assays up to 52% manganese and 540 ppm cobalt.

Exploration at Woodie Woodie North comes as prices for high grade manganese like that produced at the neighbouring Woodie Woodie mine are on the up.

Manganese is a key component in steel production and electric vehicles, representing the M in the NCM lithium-ion battery used in top range Tesla cars.

MetalsGrove is currently slated to list on July 6 at 11am (WST) (edit) following its 20c a share, $7 million IPO.

The raising will give the company cash in hand to ramp up exploration efforts across its suite of battery metals projects and an expected EV of $4 million on listing.


Article courtesy of Stockhead

07 Jun 2022

OnMarket IPO | MetalsGrove Mining Ltd | ASX:MGA

MetalsGrove was established late last year. We’ve got together a package of really exciting tenements around green metal exploration and development and trying to meet the current market demand for the battery storage and renewable energy market. So you know amongst our suite principally we’re driving towards lithium, which is obviously very hot in the market at this point in time on one of our West Australian assets.
We’ve also got a rare earth find over in Northern Territory which is our secondary priority to chase that hard. Then behind that in the NT we’ve got copper gold and some base metals there through those deposits and then we’ve got manganese back over in WA – so it’s very exciting stuff. 

MetalsGrove we’re looking to raise $7 million Australian in this float now and we’re getting towards the back end of that float, and it’s exciting – we’re just trying to top it up now and meet that maximum target. 

Our lithium is in tier one lithium country up in the Pilbara – right next door to Pilbara Minerals and and all those other big players in there. So lots of options there to build on the package we’ve got and bring great value to our shareholders going forward. Similarly with the rare earths, we’re in a unique place in the Northern Territory up just near Alice Springs there – really in an elephant country as we say – really untested but all that early work is suggesting some fantastic opportunities – very prospective ground for that – so well and truly proven. On the manganese front, right up there in the whole Woody Woody district there, which is well renowned around the world for quality manganese delivery into the marketplace. So I’m pretty excited. 

I’m really busting to get out there our team and get on the ground and bring home some real results and get some outcomes.

The lithium project which is in Pilbara Western Australia. It’s been historically mined as a tin mine and we are now focusing on it as a tin mine and lithium mine.

Also this lithium project is well connected to world-class infrastructure – there’s tier one mining companies in very close proximity to this project area – Pilbara Minerals, Mineral Resources and recent developer Global Lithium. 

The rare earth project which is in Northern Territory, close to Alice Springs, it’s about 80km from Alice Springs. It historically has been mined explored for heavy minerals and copper gold – now we are focusing on rare earths with the recent discoveries around the project area and there is some sample it’s leading to the rare earth exploration. It’s a high potential project. 

Then the manganese project which is back in Western Australia. It’s in the Pilbara as well. It’s very close to the existing historical mine – our Woody Woody mine – it’s very close to that mine as well. 

The our beauty of our projects, all our projects have historical workings which produced significant amount of mineral resources.

Then we got another exciting project, a copper gold project, Edwards Creek – it’s in the Northern Territory. And again it is close to Alice Springs.  It’s well connected to infrastructure, and it’s off the Plenty Highway. The access to this project is not an issue so you can it can access it all seasons.

Then it’s been drilled and explored for copper and gold 50 years ago. There is about 4 meters of 2.5% copper, and 18 meters of minimization.  A very exciting project.

We have another exciting project – it is in big elephant country – a base metal project – a base metal rare earths project work –  Box Hole. Box Hole has been explored by BHP in the past and other big companies. They have drilled over the twelve thousand meters in the project area. We got significant grades and a number of outcrops.

I have about 35 years experience in the resource game. I have worked all through Australia, Africa and South America and North America. In relation to this particular company, I’ve had the luxury of working in the whole lithium sphere with Sons of Gwalia.

The startup of my lithium exposure – I’ve worked with Consolidated Minerals with the manganese exposure. Copper I’ve worked for a number of companies over the years involving copper and similarly gold which is part of our suite. But also importantly I’ve worked at the high end as much as at the operational levels. I was the MD for Peak Resources – again rare earths – and the CEO for Sandfire Resources doing the DeGrussa and the broader business development with Sandfire, so early days when we were looking at the Botswana deposit – so all very exciting stuff that brings great experience to this board and this particular company MetalsGrove.

 In terms of Sean our MD,  Sean is a geologist and a mining engineer. He’s got some great credentials in a number of finds in the past – particularly around lithium. You’ll see looking up on the social media side of things, they’ll see his experience there up there in the Pilbara, having been there in the early days and having a team there himself and developing some of those well-known deposits – like the Pilgangoora Minerals group there. He was part of that early founding group. So from a geological point of view he’s absolutely all over the subject matter that we’re addressing – so I’m really keen working with Sean on this project going forward.

 Our third board member Haidong Chi brings another perspective to the board and into the business. HD as we  know him as –  he’s an entrepreneur and a businessman – and he’s got great interests in iron ore here in Western Australia in the midwest and up in the Kimberley. So he’s been involved in the mining sector for quite some time. He is also is a large shareholder in the company, so supporting us through that initially and ongoing as well.

The majority of funds will be used for exploration activities especially two key projects –  the lithium project in Western Australia and the rare rare earth project in Northern Territory. We will be spending more than fifty percent of our funds in these two projects – to add value to the projects and shareholder value.

Currently we are doing desktop reviews and interpretation with technical experts. And also we are planning for a site sampling program and we are collecting all the historical geophysics and completing the interpretation of interfaces. Upon completion of these two, then we will start drilling the lithium project and rare earth project in the calendar year 2022 4th quarter.

There’s many facets to this – it’s the challenge of getting a company up and running hard. But really it’s also the metal sector that we’re involved in – lithium, rare earths, manganese, copper – these are all green metals in the renewable battery space and for me that’s really exciting because this is about where the industry is changing and evolving.

It’s almost parallel what’s going on the ESG component alongside – so they go “hand and fist”.  But really from a business point of view it’s also managing the downstream markets – because that’s evolving so quickly. So players have to be on their toes and running harder – understanding and strategizing and being ahead of the market to meet it and get the opportunities. 

So i think with the team we have got here, our ability to do that and the networks around the world is just first class and i think we can really do some great things with this company going forward – and for that I’m excited.  That’s what gets me up out of bed – I’m running hard every day.

13 May 2022

MetalsGrove Mining Limited has lodged its prospectus ahead of ASX listing.


Indicative Time Table:

  • Lodgement of Prospectus with the ASIC: 13 May 22
  • Priority Offer Record Date: 13 May 22
  • Exposure Period begins: 13 May 22
  • Offer Opening Date: 21 May 22
  • Priority Offer Closing Date: 6 Jun 22
  • Offer Closing Date: 13 Jun 22
  • Issue of Shares under the Offer: 20 Jun 22
  • Dispatch of holding statements: 20 Jun 22
  • Listing Date: 6 Jul 22 at 11am (WST)